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Ez a cikk elavult információkat tartalmazhat a játék jelenlegi változatához képest.
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BAz egyedileg összeállítható és véletlenszerűen generálható birodalmak mellett a Stellarisban lehetőség van néhány előre beállított birodalmat választani, melyeknek egyedi története és eseményei vannak. Ezek mégsem számítanak "story módnak" a játékban.[1]

United Nations of Earth

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The myriad Human nations that constitute their interstellar government are disparate, yet united in purpose. These bipedal mammalians have developed a society that encourages and even thrives on individual freedoms and cultural differences - as a result, Humans tend to integrate well with alien populations.

Despite this, they have strong martial traditions (produced by millennia of intermittent warfare on their homeworld) and their sometimes aggressive and unpredictable nature should not be underestimated.

Commonwealth of Man

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The UN-sponsored Ulysses Initiative oversaw the construction of six great ark ships in low Earth orbit at the end of the 21st century. The ships were fitted with powerful but unstable wormhole generators and sent towards distant stars carrying a quarter million colonists each. None were heard from again, and research into subspace wormholes was soon abandoned.

Yet unbeknownst to Earth, one of the ark ships made it to a lush alien moon and established a flourishing colony. The pioneers who tamed this world were determined to realize humanity's manifest destiny - dominion over the galaxy at any cost.

Tzynn Empire

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The Tzynn evolved from carnivorous, pack-hunting lizards that prowled the dunes of Tzynnia. They eventually developed a highly structured, hierarchical society that emphasized order and martial prowess above all else.

By the time the Tzynn entered the industrial age, a series of devastating global wars launched by a particularly ruthless warlord had already seen the establishment of a single, world-spanning nation. From these humble beginnings, the illustrious and ever-lasting Tzynn Empire was born.

Kingdom of Yondarim

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The proud Yondar are an old race, using their wings to soar high above the steaming jungles of Yondarim for more than 200,000 years before they developed rudimentary technology and formed their first few scattered civilizations.

Once this development started, things progressed more rapidly and the Sky Clans grudgingly abandoned many of their most primitive traditions. The Yondar are highly spiritual and place great importance on religion, venerating their high kings as living gods.

Ix'Idar Star Collective

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The first Ix'Idar broods developed in the subterranean cave networks deep beneath the surface of Ix'Athrak. By the time an Ix'Idar scout burrowed through to the surface and glimpsed sunlight for the first time, the insectoid race had already established a thriving Iron Age civilization.

With the resources they found on the surface, the Ix'Idar developed rapidly. Just a few centuries later their first space probes left orbit to survey the other worlds within the Ix'Im system.

Chinnor Stellar Union

  • 24px Science directorate
  • 24px Individualist
  • 24px Fanatic materialist
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The Chinorr began their evolutionary journey as dexterous cephalopod analogues. They used their many tentacles to swing between trees in the lush jungles of Chicora, ambushing prey on the ground and injecting them with a potent nerve toxin.

By the time the Chinorr split the atom, the resources of Chicora had been ruthlessly exploited and the planet's jungles had long since disappeared. This was considered a necessary sacrifice in the relentless pursuit of knowledge and heavy industry that the unsentimental Chinorr were now engaged in.

Jehetma Dominion

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An "individual" among the Jehetma is actually a large colony of fungi that has developed sentience. Some of these colonies, generally those that have lived for thousands of years, stretch across several miles and rarely leave the surface of Jehet Prime, their homeworld (few ships are large enough to transport them).

Younger colonies are not only smaller, but also tend to be more dynamic and mobile - they often spearhead the exploration and research efforts of the Jehetma, as well as any defensive measures that are regrettably undertaken when the Dominion is beset by aggressors.

Scyldari Confederacy

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The Scyldari are aquatic mammalians originating from the archipelagos and deep oceans of Scyldaria. Although their early civilizations were mostly confined to the sea, they soon expanded onto what little landmass the planet had to offer.

Their society adapted accordingly, building an advanced industry that exploited the riches of the ocean floor without harming Scyldaria's delicate ecosystem. Scyldari philosophy is one of balance and moderation in all things, a lesson learned from having to nurse their limited resources when they were confined to the bottom of the sea.



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