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Leviathans Leviathans
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A Patch 1.4[1], más néven "Kennedy", 2016. december 5-én jelent meg.

Leviathans Story Pack

  • Az Artisan Troupe új találkozási eseményt kapott
  • Az Enigmatic Fortress találkozási eseményt kapott


  • 33 új achievement
  • mostantól nem lehet Robot populációt építeni Szektorhoz tartozó bolygón
  • Új győzelmi esemény, a Prethoryn Scourge legyőzése után
  • Új események a további Precursor anomáliák felfedezésekor, így a küldetés-láncokat mindig lehet teljesíteni.
  • Az Extradimensionals át lett dolgozva: már nem a flotta elvesztése után azonnal jelenik meg az erősítés, hanem az Extradimensional portal egy fix gyakorisággal engedi át a flottákat. Ez a gyakoriság az új Dimensional anchor-ok számától függ. Ezek új típusú állomások, és amíg csak egy ilyen is létezik, a fő portál sérthetetlen. Így a harc az Extradimensionals ellen egy hosszú háborúvá válik, és már nem, lehet egyetlen csapással leszámolni a portáljukkal.



  • Evasion (kitérés) limitálva lett 90%-on (vége a +100% kitérésű korvetteknek)
  • A hajó energia és ásvány fenntartásának költsége 0.5%-ról 0.4%-ra csökkent.
  • Az Afterburners mostantól az auxiliary slotba tartoznak.
  • Hagyományos birodalmak 8 populációval kezdenek
  • Primitív farmok és gyárak felfejleszthetőek hydroponics farmmá/mining networkké
  • A kalózhajók át lettek dolgozva: többnyire erősebbek
  • A Primitív fajoknál mostantól egységes, hogy hány populációjuk, farmjuk és gyáruk van egyes korszakokban, és mennyit kapnak, ha fejlődnek egyik korból a másikba.
  • Kőkori primitív fajok mostantól kevesebb Tile blockert generálnak
  • A Space Torpedoes technológia előfeltétele mostantól a Fusion Missiles.
  • A Venerable trait ára 5-ről 4 pontra csökkent
  • A Mineral Silok száma bolygónként 1-re lett korlátozva
  • A Max Minerals a Mineral Silokból +1000/+1500/+2000-ről +2000/+3000/+4000-re lett emelve
  • Level 3-as mineral silo mostantól csak +1 mineral hatással van a szomszédos mezőkre
  • A Protectorate technológiai kedvezménye 95%-ra lett emelve
  • A Protectorate mostantól nem végezhet független diplomáciai tevékenységeket
  • Megismételhető technológiák alapára 1500-ről 3000-re nőtt, és 480 helyett 1000-rel nő
  • A Slave Processing Plant mostantól +10% slave food/mineral termelésbónuszt ad +5% helyett
  • Tomb worldök ritkábban fordulnak elő
  • Gyakoribbak az alien pet lelőhelyek
  • Reduced warscore costs for planetary and vassalisation wargoals
  • Doubled Pre-Sentient Anomaly spawn chances
  • Fixed CTD when generating a certain tooltip while the player has no planets
  • Pops are no longer upset if an occupier purges Pops on one of your planets


  • Space Torpedo mineral cost reduced from 20 to 10
  • Space Torpedo power usage reduced from 20 to 10
  • Space Torpedo maximum damage reduced from 260 to 215
  • Space Torpedo armor penetration set to 50%
  • Armored Torpedo mineral cost reduced from 40 to 15
  • Armored Torpedo power usage reduced from 40 to 15
  • Armored Torpedo damage reduced from 150-300 to 140-280
  • Armored Torpedo armor penetration set to 50%
  • Devastator Torpedo mineral cost reduced from 60 to 20
  • Devastator Torpedo power usage reduced from 60 to 20
  • Devastator Torpedo armor penetration set to 50%
  • Devastator Torpedo missile HP reduced from 8 to 6



  • Federation AI is now better at picking wargoals for non-conqueror federations, will focus on retaking planets and liberating larger countries


  • Major work done to sector AI to make it better at budgeting and utilizing resources


  • AI will now sometimes gift countries that are at war with their rivals and threats
  • AI will no longer ask you to become their vassal multiple times in a row
  • AI is now less keen to accept a lot of defensive pacts
  • Slowed down AI requests for federation membership/association status to prevent message spam


  • Fixed a bug where AI would send fleets to deal with pirates, only to retreat due to pirates being stronger
  • Fixed a bug where AI was trying to build buildings on tiles that had presentients on them


  • Added a setting to disable all auto-unpausing from popups
  • Clicking on some resource icons in top bar no longer opens tabs due to being inconsistent
  • Construction Ship now sends notification 'fleet order finished' only when the last construction in the queue is finished
  • Planet view colonize button opens same surface view window as when planet is clicked from expansion planner
  • 'Closed Borders' and 'Truce' are shown as diplomatic statuses


  • Garrisons are now properly shown and spawned on occupied worlds.
  • Fleets will now prioritize spaceports and military stations over other stations (such as mining stations) in combat.
  • Close borders wargoal now forces borders open for the duration of the truce regardless of rivalry status, etc.
  • Ships and weapon components targeting logic now correctly accounts for evasion, so large weapons are much less likely to target corvettes etc
  • Fixed armor absorbing too much damage if the ship also had shields left
  • Fixed very high armor values negating the effects of armor penetration
  • Fixed auto generated ship designs getting wrong combat computers
  • Swarm units have had their sound volume adjusted
  • Spaceport no longer provide Naval Capacity while under construction
  • Fleet view shows current fleet activity instead of order description
  • Vassals and overlords no longer gives sensor to each other while at war
  • Sector AI will spend own resources instead of players resources when upgrading spaceports
  • Uplift species button is locked if no species can be found on any owned planet
  • Fixed a bug where some leaders could live forever
  • Planets with Stone Age Primitives will no longer generate Anomalies
  • Tzynn Empire now starts with the proper number of trait points
  • Fixed Nomads getting wrong opinion modifier and habitability trait when allowed to settle on a planet
  • Launcher MOD tab scrollbar appears with correct position and size when content overflows container
  • Fixed a rare case of portrait duplication caused by prescripted species templates
  • Fixed so that NPC ship designs now correctly have PD slots for their PD weapons
  • Situation Log entry list of counters grows up instead of down
  • Savannah and Alpine worlds now have proper localization in the start screen
  • Fixed typo in Frontier Hospital technology description
  • Fixed a bug where upgrade fleet progress could display numbers above 100%
  • Fixed some outdated hotkey references in tutorial texts
  • Fixed frantic twitching animation in diplomacy window for main species
  • Fixed reversed fanatic/militarist bonus to rivalry influence
  • Fixed some potential event spam when running on high speeds during War in Heaven
  • Planet edict modifiers are applied to pops again. Use planet modifier categories when applying planet edict modifiers
  • Fixed Continental, Savanna and Alpine worlds not being used for primitive civs
  • Enclave governments now get a new ruler when the first one dies
  • Primitives that nuke themselves will no longer leave pops on a tomb world where they have no habitability
  • Fixed some ships getting stuck in a looping death animation
  • Fixed CTD when looking at a ship that fired a shot during the same frame as it died
  • Fixed CTD that could happen if ground combat was started on a planet without owner
  • Garrison from Pops will no longer spawn on planets that have already been occupied
  • Fixed CTD that could happen when assigning a new mission to an observation station
  • Fixed various issues with Swarm behaviour


  • Tweaked humanoid 02 and 05 portraits
  • Added updated clothes textures
  • Added fixed clothes for humanoid 05
  • Arthropoid battleships sections now all line up
  • Galaxy view textures have been updated.
  • Extradimensionals' death effects have been updated.


  • Event chain counter max = -1 means max is ignored. Default value is -1
  • Added count_countries trigger
  • Script trigger pop_percentage = { percentage > 0.1 limit = { is_robot_pop = yes } }
  • new trigger won_with_condition = domination_victory
  • Added trigger num_strategic_resources


  • Misc performance improvements


  1. Forum, Fórum: Patch 1.4.0 - Full Patchnotes, 5 December 2016

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